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November is Movember now!  To help the cause of prostrate cancer, please go to http://mobro.co/LeonWard and donate to a good cause.  I will strive to grow the best caterpillar in Mallaig School!

Greetings!  I am really looking forward to presenting materials here for parents and students.  Assignments, homework, book reports, all this can be found here.

Tuesday May 4, 2010

 As we near completion of our Newsletter Assignment, our worksheets have wandered away on us.  The simple cure to this is to open the Newsletter attachment (just click on the blue word) and follow the instructions there.  We should be finishing this soon, so we can move onto 3D drafting and Web Design.


I am including a link to the Word 2007 booklet that Inf Pro 9 is using.  This will allow you to review your work at home, and show your parents where you are at.  Just click on the booklet to go to the file!


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