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notes relating to Oct. 18 test

file icon Tableau Assignmenthot!Tooltip 09/26/2011 Hits: 1802
file icon Social 10 Exam Reviewhot!Tooltip 01/21/2011 Hits: 998

This is an electronic copy of the Exam Review handed out in class on Wednesday.  Make sure you can identify all the terms and answer all the questions on this review as well as the Oct. 14 test review to ensure success at the exam.  Good luck Tuesday!

here is a breakdown of the protest the IMF/WTO/World Bank assignment that some people are still missing.  All of those missing this assignment must get them in to me by Monday or Tuesday.

file icon Soc 10 Class Noteshot!Tooltip 01/16/2011 Hits: 993

These are the notes created in class on the smartboard over the course of the year.  They have been compressed into a zip file.

file icon Puppetry noteshot!Tooltip 09/30/2011 Hits: 1278
file icon Presentation rubrichot!Tooltip 09/26/2011 Hits: 1030
Anytime you are giving a presentation in class you will be assessed based on this rubric.
file icon Oct 14 TEST REVIEWhot!Tooltip 10/14/2010 Hits: 1006

Here is the review for the test that is on Monday Oct. 18.  Make sure you know how to explain in your own words all of the terms listed here as well as be able to the other exercises on the page.  Good Luck!

file icon monologue assignmenthot!Tooltip 09/26/2011 Hits: 1012
file icon McLuhan Tech Extension Noteshot!Tooltip 10/14/2010 Hits: 986

notes relating to Oct. 18 test

file icon Journalism Noteshot!Tooltip 10/14/2010 Hits: 961

Notes relating to Oct. 18 test

file icon Issue Dimension Noteshot!Tooltip 10/14/2010 Hits: 965

Notes relating to Oct. 18 test

Notes relating to Oct. 18 test

Notes relating to Oct. 18 test

file icon Drama Semester 1hot!Tooltip 09/26/2011 Hits: 1026

Drama 2011 Syllabus

file icon banana wars noteshot!Tooltip 10/14/2010 Hits: 981

Notes relating to the Oct. 18 Test

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